Case STudy 1: Optic Package

A leading manufacturer of semiconductors came to TechRep International seeking help sourcing a package to be used in an optical assembly.  This package required a high precision mounting capability due to RGB alignment and to be socketable. The package needed to include a 224 pin pinfield and be wire-bondable and a die attach area with matching TCE.

TechRep International formed a consortium from its key suppliers which included a Kovar precision powder metal fabricator, an HDI substrate maker, a precision insert molder and an assembler. The package was developed and successfully met all customer requirements including reliability, cost target and high volume manufacturing.

CASE STUDY 2: Mems Substrate

A leading manufacturer of MEM’s microphones came to TechRep International seeking a low profile package. We were able to supply the substrate meeting all the customer’s requirements which included embedded resistors and capacitors, wire bondable gold, HDI routing and able to be made in very high volume meeting cost targets.

CASE STUDY 3: Rifle Scope Camera

A leading defense contractor was seeking a high resolution camera for incorporation into rifle scopes for use by Special Operations groups within the various branches of the US military. TechRep International successfully teamed together a high resolution sensor maker, a prism/lens maker, and a camera supplier to develop a custom 5 channel camera that met all the customer’s goals for size, weight, reliability, resolution and overall performance.